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Community Events

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Community Events
League Information
Organizer: Esportspedia
Prize pool: Varies
Start Date: Varies
Links: Website


This page is for community events run by Esportspedia, with the first starting in August 2018, being The Dota International Newbaganza. They take place on the weekend closest to the 15th of the month. Details about the months event, is released on 3rd of the month.

History of Events

Date Event Winning Roster Game Format Event MVP
Nov 23rd - Dec 9th ESPD Trivia Circuit Trivia 1v1
12th Nov 2018 Kung Fury: ESPD Invitational Canada Ja 22 Kung Fury: Street Rage 1v1
4th Nov 2018 The Big Worlds 1v1 Bananza Canada Ja 22 LoL 1v1
22nd Sep 2018 The Brain Bionic Bananza USA Stephanie Trivia 1v1 Czech Republic Anna
18th Aug 2018 The Dota International Newbaganza Team Radiant Dota 2 5v5 Germany Luckz