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Background Information
Name Liam Nocivelli
Country of Birth United Kingdom United Kingdom
Home State Wales
Birthday January 12, 1997
Team All Stars
Xbox One ID ego ln
Alternate IDs
ESL [{{{esl}}} Profile]
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YouTube WrrongButton
Livestream Twitch
Instagram Ego_Ln
Beyond Profile {{{beyond}}}
Twitter Ego_EU
Team History
Jan 2018 - March 2018 Logo std2.png Aerox Esports
April 2018 - June 2018 Logo std2.png Apollo Impact
August 2018 - PRESENT Logo std2.png All Stars
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Liam "Ego" Nocivelli is a half Welsh, half Italian Halo competitive player who is currently the team captain for All Stars. He joined the organisation in August 2018.


Ego is a former chef who was born on 12th January 1997, in Newport, South Wales. He started playing competitively in Halo in Summer 2017.

Halo 5: Guardians

He joined Aerox Esports alongside, WorstMethod, Neji and BestStrategy in January 2018 and would compete with them until March 2018, with this team placing in the top 24 at Halo World Championship 2018 - Season 1. He left Aerox in March 2018 due to not being contracted, and there were personal issues regarding training.

He then went on and signed for Apollo Impact, but due to a lack of competitions around the time, there weren't any placings for the team. He left Apollo Impact with the team in June 2018 due to the organisation providing "false promises and he felt uncomfortable putting everything in their hands when they didn't get things done".

He joined All Stars alongside Savier, Procisionite and Shadow, with LiteTheDuck as a coach, in August 2018. He is going to be going onto play at Gfinity London 2018 - S2

Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates
Halo 5 2018 Halo World Championship - S1 16th - 24th Aerox Esports WorstMethod, Neji and BestStrategy


  • Favorite Game: He enjoys every game in Halo because they all have different aspects that he loves: Halo 3 because it was the first he played, Halo 2 and 3 for the storeys, Halo 4 because he started playing online play on this game, and Halo 5 is where he started competing competitively.
  • Hobbie: He enjoys streaming and Halo. He will be starting the gym as soon as he can because it will boost his confidence.
  • One struggle breaking into Halo: His one struggle was his shot but mainly his personality; Not a lot of teams have emotion and not many players have emotion, but he wants to show the world you can play with skill and emotion.
  • Occupation: He is a former chef because it’s a safety back up, and everyone will always need food, so it’s like a safety net.
  • Favorite esports Team: His favorite Esports team is Splyce, because they were always the underdog and they adapted and started doing 2v2 with the team instead of scrims, and really changed the way the Halo Esports scene practised.
  • Future Goals: His future goals are a full-time career in Esports, after going to the Gfinity London in February, he realised his passion for Esports, but who knows where Esports will take him. He mentioned possibly, coaching, managing or casting teams and events.
  • One player he has enjoyed playing with: There isn’t one set player he really enjoyed playing with really because of who he is, but he really enjoys playing with everyone.
  • One player he has enjoyed playing against: He enjoys playing against players he doesn’t like, or Players that are better or Players that doubt him because it adds fuel to the fire and makes him want to play against the players who doubt him and show the reasons why he shouldn’t be overlooked.
  • His view on the future of the Halo esports scene: The future of the Halo Esports scene really depends on 343. They may have started to listen more, yet they may still not be listening enough so he is worried that they may have just gone back to everything before Halo 5, but they should try to utilise the classic Halo game.
  • What is the best thing about Halo esports?: The best thing about Halo esports are the events and the feeling you get competing on the stage and meeting people. Especially in the EU, because it’s so small and there is so much hype because you have played with a lot of people online. It's also great because of the people that get involved such as Goldenboy, but LAN is the best thing, and you need to attend whether going to play or not.
  • What is the worst thing about Halo esports?: The worst thing about Halo esports is the toxicity. When people come into the scene, new players don’t have the support and players just try to shut them down, we should all be supporting each other.
  • If he ever wants to play any other Esports: He doesn’t know, He is so passionate about Halo but if he gets the opportunity to, he would like to try the CoD scene, as I think I’d be better at it because Halo takes a lot more strategy than Call of Duty.
  • What one moment in Halo will you remember forever?: "My first event. My interview on the main stage, I got up, jumped and celebrated with the team as soon as I won and I remember the Gfinity staff coming over asking me for an interview. They put makeup on me and seeing the interview and people commenting on it was insane and I never thought I’d reach that level of support."
  • Have you sacrificed much for esports?: He has sacrificed time mainly. He puts so much time and effort into it and feels like he should be better at it, but he has sacrificed relationships as he tries to schedule things right to make it into a career.
  • What’s your favorite thing about Esportspedia? The staff at Halo Esportspedia for making the effort and wanting to do an interview with me.