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Though we are a community-driven wiki, we have a set of staff members who are ultimately responsible for ensuring that we are completely up-to-date. Have a question? Someone on this page can answer it! (If you write on someone's talk page, they'll get a notification when they log into the site, so you can expect a response that way; however, some people may respond faster to tweets.)


Halo Staff

Coming Soon!

Social Media

If you want to contact us via social media, we'll get back to you ASAP! Here's a list of options, in order of most-frequently checked to least-frequently checked.

We check Twitter very frequently, so you can expect an answer within an hour most of the time (often within five minutes). Facebook we check daily or every-other day -- if you want to write us a long message and receive a response ASAP, the best option would probably be to send us a message on Facebook and then tweet at us that you have done so.

Site Suggestions

Have an overarching suggestion or comment bout the site? We have an anonymous form you can fill out leaving us your feedback! You can find it here.