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October 19th
NA Logo std2.png Rock Block Roster disbands
October 15th
NA Logo std2.png Rock Block King Nick, Sceptify, Bound, and Scaryotic join.
NA Logo std2.png Shleep Squad Calm Mentality, Burton, Cpt Anarchy and SwiSh join
NA Logo std2.png Buns Cpt Anarchy and SwiSh leave.
October 7th
NA Logo std2.png GosuCrew Sceptify leaves. Nebula joins.
September 31st
NA Logo std2.png GosuCrew Chaser leaves. Sceptify joins
NA Logo std2.png VT French Toast Mafia roster acquired. Naded and Claim join.
NA CPlogo std.png CP Musa joins.
NA Logo std2.png Buns Cpt Anarchy, Scvds, Squallaye, and SwiSh join.
September 27th
NA CPlogo std.png CP Naded leaves.
NA Logo std2.png French Toast mafia Rammyy and Cloud leave.
September 22nd
NA CPlogo std.png CP Claim is released. Naded joins.
September 20th
NA Logo std2.png Naventic Prototype joins.
September 10th
NA Logo std2.png GosuCrew Nebula leaves. Brainstorm joins.
NA Logo std2.png Shock The World Drift, Atzo Uchiha, Critical Warrior, and Magico join.
September 7th
NA TLlogo std.png TL Spartan joins.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Rayne leaves. Kaotic is released. AcE, Commonly, and BabyJ join.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Rayne Joins.
NA CPlogo std.png CP Musa, Cratos, Claim, and Neptune join.
NA Logo std2.png French toast Mafia Rammyy, Cloud, Demon D, and Artic join.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming roster is released.
September 6th
NA Logo std2.png Ronin Esports Str8 Sick is released. Nemassist joins.
NA Logo std2.png Naventic ContrA, RyaNoob, and DasTroyed join. Nemassist leaves.
August 13th
NA SvRlogo std.png SvR Logo std2.png Vision Gaming roster acquired. Swift Kill joins.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Ninja goes on hiatus.
August 12th
NA Logo std2.png Gosu Crew Nebula joins. Musa leaves.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Nebula leaves.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Heinz is released.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Commonly and BabyJ leave.
August 8th
NA TLlogo std.png TL AcE is released.
August 7th
NA Logo std2.png Oxygen Supremacy Roster is released.
August 2nd
NA Logo std2.png Ronin eSports Sabinater Joins them.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Sabinater leaves the team.
July 30th
NA Logo std2.png Ronin eSports Spartan is released.
July 21st
NA Logo std2.png CyberStorm Gaming Daffs joins.
NA Logo std2.png Vision Gaming Rammyy, Gabriel, King Nick and Goofy join the team.
July 20th
NA Logo std2.png Atria united Logo std2.png Impact Gaming roster acquired. Burton and Eli Elite join.
July 17th
NA Logo std2.png McShin Knights Classic, Giraffe Rick, Cuddly Conner, Anonymau5 and coach Dr. FeelGood join the team.
July 15th
NA Logo std2.png CyberStorm Gaming Burton is dropped.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Coach Takedown leaves and Prototype is dropped. Coach Showtime and Sabinater replace them.
NA Logo std2.png Scaryotic is Best Sceptify is dropped, and Scaryotic replaces them.
July 12th
NA Logo std2.png Primal Gilkey, Calm Mentality, PiLEZ and Alpha join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Impact Gaming Gilkey leaves the team.
July 9th
NA Logo std2.png Scaryotic is best King Nick, Neptunes, Bound and Sceptify join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Impact Gaming Cpt Anarchy and Lifestyle join the team, and PiLEZ and SwiSh are dropped.
July 5th
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Strobe joins, and Tsquared leaves.
NA Logo std2.png Vision Gaming Rammyy, Gabriel, King Nick, and Goofy join.
NA Logo std2.png CyberStorm Gaming Logo std2.png Lethal Gaming roster acquired. ROB THE TURTLE, Burton and Brainstorm join the team. DanyKnight, Nebula, and Eli Elite leave.
July 4th
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Logo std2.png Blood Gang roster acquired. Showtime becomes inactive.
NA Logo std2.png ABCDE Juziro joins the team, and Randa is dropped.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Nebula joins the team, and Juziro leaves.
June 27th
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Brainstorm joins inactive roster.
June 26th
NA Logo std2.png Blood Gang Cratos, Commonly, BabyJ, Prototype and coach Showtime join.
June 25th
NA Logo std2.png Blood Gang Team disbands
June 24th
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Coach Floweulb joins the team.
NA Logo std2.png Blood Gang Cratos, Lifestyle, Sabinater, DRUK 84 and coach Takedown join.
NA Logo std2.png French Toast Mafia Brainstorm and Artic join.
NA Logo std2.png ABCDE Randa joins the team.
NA Logo std2.png Swarm Cpt Anarchy, Burton, EccentriK, and JR2 join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Impact Gaming Logo std2.png Purgatory roster acquired. SwiSh joins the team.
June 21st
NA LGlogo std.png LG APG joins active roster.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Commonly leaves. Kaotic replaces them.
June 20th
NA Logo std2.png GosuCrew Logo std2.png Incendiary roster acquired. Coach Saiyan sK joins.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Ace leaves the team. Rayne replace them.
NA TLlogo std.png TL Rayne leaves the team. Ace replaces them.
NA Logo std2.png The Fung Four TireIron, Kaiss, Sorrell, and SickStory join.
NA Logo std2.png Frenemies BxbyJ and Brainstorm join.
NA Logo std2.png Cyberbullies Roster disbands. TireIron, BxbyJ, JuicyFruit, and EccentriK leave.
June 16th
NA Logo std2.png Purgatory A Smart Camper is released.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Calm Mentality is released. Juziro replaces them.
June 15th
EU XLlogo std.png xL Morguhhh leaves the team. Batchford replaces them.
EU Logo std2.png Vexed Gaming Logo std2.png The Lads roster acquired. Lunny, Mose, Riotz and Morguhhh join the team.
EU Logo std2.png Divine Domination TaLic leaves the team. Speed replaces them.
EU Infslogo std.png infs Batchford leaves the team. Respectful replaces them.
NA Logo std2.png ABCDE Scaryotic is released.
NA Logo std2.png French Toast Mafia Gabriel and SickStory are released.
June 14th
NA LGlogo std.png LG Ryanoob substitutes for APG in Pro League.
NA Logo std2.png ABCDE Bound leaves the team. Scaryotic replaces them.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Victory X is released. APG replaces them.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 APG leaves the team. Commonly replaces them.
June 8th
NA Logo std2.png Frenemies Juziro and King Nick leave.
June 7th
NA Logo std2.png Ronin Esports Cratos and ShowTime are released. eL TowN joins.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Sorrell is released. Calm Mentality replaces them.
June 4th
NA Logo std2.png ABCDE MuNoZ, Bound, Marbs, and FireBird join.
NA Logo std2.png Lethal Gaming DanyKnight, Sneaky Bran, Eli Elite, and Nebula join.
June 3rd
NA Logo std2.png Brownies Team disbands.
June 2nd
NA Logo std2.png Cyberbullies TireIron,BabyJ, JuicyFruit, and EccentriK join.
NA Logo std2.png Incendiary Vtec, Triton, Chaser, and Musa join.
NA Logo std2.png Nothing 2 Lose Cpt Anarchy, Calm Mentality, Scaryotic, and Neptvnes join.
NA Logo std2.png Frenemies BabyJ leaves the team. King Nick replaces them.
NA Logo std2.png Purgatory SneakyBran leaves the team. A Smart Camper replaces them.
June 1st
NA Logo std2.png French Toast Mafia King Nick is released. Gabriel replaces them.
May 27th
NA Logo std2.png Frenemies Juziro, BabyJ, Daffs, and Artic join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Take Two Chaser and Musa leave. Team changes name to French Toast Mafia. Claim and SickStory join.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Juziro and Artic leave the team. DEMON D and Sorrell replace them.
NA BtHlogo std.png BtH DEMON D leaves the team. Team changes name to Purgatory. SneakyBran and Blaze join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Windmillz Calm Mentality and Wanwerd leave the team. Team changes name to Those Dudes. SwiSh and coLeK jon the team.
May 21st
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Cloud rejoins the active roster.
NA BtHlogo std.png BtH Cloud Leaves the team.
NA EGlogo std.png EG Naded and Towey announce retirement. Tapping Buttons joins. OGRE2 promoted to head coach.
May 20th
NA CpKlogo std.png CpK Logo std2.png TR: Merciless roster acquired. Scaryotic, Neptunes Nerdy, Sabinater, and A Smart Camper join the team.
May 19th
NA Logo std2.png Holy Sheesh BabyJ, Brainstorm, Claim, and K3NNY join the team.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity BabyJ leaves the team.
NA Logo std2.png Atria United Brainstorm leaves the team.
May 18th
NA Logo std2.png Take Two Rammyy, King Nick, Musa and Chaser join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Windmillz Burton, Calm Mentality, Cpt Anarchy and Wanwerd join the team.

{{NewsTeam|team=Brownies|region=NA|text=Prototype, Commonly, PreDevoNatoR and eL ToWn join.

NA Logo std2.png Era Eternity Prototype and Commonly leave the team.
EU FabElogo std.png fabE TuFoxy announces competitive hiatus.
May 17th
EU FabElogo std.png fabE Phlux announces hiatus for Summer Season.
NA BtHlogo std.png BtH SneakyBran leaves the team. Cloud replace them.
NA Logo std2.png Wise Gaming Cloud leaves active roster.
EU Logo std2.png London Conspiracy SeptiQ and Lunny leave the team. Jimbo and Snipedrone replace them.
EU FabElogo std.png fabE Jimbo leaves the team. Phlux replaces him.
EU Infslogo std.png infs Snipedrone and Phlux leave the team. Batchford and Quadios replace them.
May 12th
NA TLlogo std.png TL Penguin changes names to SubZero.
May 10th
NA Logo std2.png Oxygen Supremacy Blanklogo std.png TBD roster acquired. RyaNoob, Nemassist, DasTroyed, ContrA and coach Mashlan join.
May 8th
NA Logo std2.png eRa Eternity Logo std2.png Team Randa roster acquired. Commonly, Prototype, BabyJ and Randa join.
NA Logo std2.png Team Randa Skeptical leaves. Prototype joins.
NA CpKlogo std.png CpK Prototype leaves.
NA Logo std2.png Ronin Esports CPlogo std.png Crowd Pleasers roster acquired. Spartan, Suspector, Str8 SicK and Cratos join.
NA Logo std2.png Atria United TireIron leaves. Calm Mentality joins the team.
May 7th
NA Logo std2.png Lethal Gaming Blaze, EliElite, Triton and Vtec join.
May 6th
NA CpKlogo std.png CpK Team disbands. Prototype, RyaNoob, DasTroyed and PreDevoNatoR leave.
May 5th
NA Logo std2.png Splyce Renegade joins the team.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Danoxide joins the team.
NA EGlogo std.png EG Falcated and Naded join the team.
NA LGlogo std.png LG TriPPPeY joins the team.
May 1st
NA Logo std2.png Levitate Gaming Stress, ROB THE TURTLE, Hoaxer, and Ferro2Clutch join.
April 29th
NA Logo std2.png Team Randa Randa, Commonly, BabyJ and Skeptical join.
NA Logo std2.png CryptiK BabyJ leaves.
NA CPlogo std.png CP CPlogo std.png Crowd Pleasers acquires sponsorship from Insight and will compete as INS Crowd Pleasers.
NA Logo std2.png Atria United TireIron, Kaiss, Musa, and Brainstorm join.
April 27th
NA Logo std2.png DoZe MuNoZ, Chaser, Gabriel, and King Nick join.
April 26th
EU Logo std2.png BeGenius CxLii, NURIX, TaLic, and TchiK leave.
April 18th
NA CPlogo std.png CP Danoxide leaves and Suspector joins.
April 16th
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Renegade leaves.
April 5th
EU FabElogo std.png fabE Respectful announces that he's a free agent, and that he's looking to play in North America.
EU CpKlogo std.png CpK PreDevoNatoR leaves.
April 2nd
NA LGlogo std.png LG eL ToWn leaves.
April 1st
NA CPlogo std.png CP Naded leaves, while Spartan joins.
OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming are the 2017 Halo World Cup champions!
OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming, NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs, TLlogo std.png Team Liquid, and Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin are your final four for 2017 Halo World Cup!