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2018 Season
  • NA
2018 Halo WC Logo.png
Jul 13 - 15 2018

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  TOXlogo std.png TOX 3
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 0 4
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 4
  TOXlogo std.png TOX 4 2
  TOXlogo std.png TOX 4
From Losers Bracket
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 1
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 3
  Trifectalogo std.png trifecta 1
Latest News
July 19th
NA OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Exclusive News: OpTic Gaming confirms to Esportspedia that OpTic won't be returning to the Halo competitive scene.
July 16th
HCSlogo small.png
As announced at MLG New Orleans 2018, the HCS Finals 2018 will take place from November 16 - 18. It will be in partnership with Dreamhack Atlanta. Teams will qualify from online place, HCS New Orleans and the upcoming Gfinity London #2, the best of the best teams in the world will compete for a prize pool of $300,000. Here is the Source.
HCSlogo small.png
Gold.png SPYlogo std.png Splyce Silver.png TOXlogo std.png Tox Gaming Bronze.png RNGlogo std.png Renegades at MLG New Orleans 2018. King Nick wins the FFA.
July 10th
NA Trifectalogo std.png trifecta Musa, Shooter, Ryanoob, Rayne and Coach Jake Bain joins. Here is the Source.
July 3rd
EU FBLlogo std.png FBL Solar, Riotz, Shaady and Shabby joins. Here is the Source.
July 2nd
EU Logo std2.png Legion King Nick, Munoz, Claim and Sceptify joins. Here is the Source.
June 30th
NA ELvlogo std.png eLv Artic and Suspector leaves and Spartan and Falcated join. Here is the Source
June 29th
INT Logo std2.png Halo A TV drama series based on Microsoft’s Halo video game franchise has been commissioned. Showtime has announced that a series featuring ten episodes will be developed. The series is produced by Microsoft and 343 Industries, and will also include Steven Spielberg’s Amblin Television. Rupert Wyatt, director of Rise of the Planet of the Apes is set to direct, whilst Kyle Killen, the writer and showrunner behind Awake and Mind Games is set to write. Here is the Source
June 27th
NA RNGlogo std.png RNG Ace, Lunchbox and Coach Randa leave, and Mikwen, Penguin and Coach Hoaxer joins. Here is the Source.
June 23rd
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Rammyy and Musa leaves and Ace and Str8 Sick joins. Here is the Source.
June 10th
INT Logo std2.png Halo Halo Infinite is set to be the next game in the highly awarded game series, Halo. Microsoft and 343 Industries announced the next instalment in the game series, at the Microsoft press conference in Los Angeles during the 2018 annual E3 conference. Here is the Source
June 4th
NA TGClogo std.png TGC Commonly, Suspector, Cratos and Danoxide join. Here is the Source.
June 1st
NA REClogo std.png REC Mikwen, Spartan and Penguin leaves and iGotUrPistola, TriPPPeY, and Saiyan joins. Here is the Source
May 24th
NA NVlogo std.png nV Organization announces departure from competitive Halo. bubu dubu, Saiyan, iGotUrPistola, TriPPPeY and the team coach, Hoaxer are released. They have no plans to compete for the remainder of the 2018 season, They are going to look at various options for the 2019 Halo season. EnVyUs has been vital in the growth of the Halo Competitive Scene and they still venture into Call of Duty though. Here is the Source.
May 17th
HCSlogo small.png
Details regarding the upcoming series have been revealed. There are going to be some international open eventsL MLG New Orleans 2018, worth $250,000 by MLG and then Gfinity London 2018 2, worth $125,000, by Gfinity. There will also be a HCS Season Finals 2018 event in November but the details have been withheld and are to be confirmed.
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Nov 16 - 18
HCS Finals 2018
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Jul 13 - 15
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2018 Halo World Championship
Mar 23 - Mar 25
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